Main Pool Swimmers – Update 2

We are on step 2 of the plans for returning to swimming for main pool swimmers. Emails have been sent to returning main pool swimmers who had chosen not to pay their ASA fees in January. The email contains information about payment details. The deadline for ASA fees payment is Monday 19th April.
If haven’t already paid ASA fees for this year and you have not received an email, please contact either or asap.
Thank you

Return to Swimming Update 1

The Government roadmap could allow WLDC to open the pool again from 12th April.

The work the club now needs to do for us to get back into the water is detailed and takes time. The process has already started but because of the steps we have to take, and the Bank Holidays etc., the target date for starting up again is Tuesday 1st June for the Main Pool and 5th July 2021 provisionally for the Small Pool.

We need to make sure all swimmers are registered with the ASA, confirm all contact information is correct and notify swimmers/parents what Club fees to pay and when to start paying. Plus the necessary Covid forms will need signing and returning

Se therefore we need all swimmers to confirm to us that that they wish to restart their membership again and want to return to the pool as soon as we can make that happen.

Please send an email to before 4th April 2021 confirming the following information – this will allow us to go to the next step in the process.

  1. Swimmer’s name
  2. GD unique membership No.
  3. Parent’s name
  4. Current postal address
  5. Current contact phone number

This information is key to the successful return to the water; without knowledge of the number wanting to come back we cannot plan effectively.

Please circulate this amongst people you know who may not see GD postings – help us please, spread the word

FYI – Covid risk assessments/policies are available within the Covid 19 drop down menu.

For your advanced information –

We are looking at the possibility of swimming straight through the summer with no shutdown as would normally happen – this will be confirmed after further review with the teacher/coaches.

Mark Smith is also intending to post on the website some basic swim sets that swimmers could do in a public swim until the club get back up and running.


In December we wrote to all main pool swimmers with details about paying this year’s Swim England fees. Unfortunately as we know, things did not go as planned and the current lockdown has meant that all our plans for a return to swimming have been put on hold.

As a club we must still pay Swim England fees for our club members or lapse their membership regardless of if we are actually swimming or not, sadly, that is their rules.

Considering this, we have made the decision to lapse membership of all small pool swimmers as we don’t currently have a clear plan of how and when they will be able to return to swimming. 

For main pool swimmers we are now offering the option of still paying their Swim England fees (as per the information posted out) which means their Swim England and GDSC membership will continue, ready for when we are able to swim again. This needs to be paid by 31 January.

If main pool parents / swimmers would rather wait to see when swimming restarts before making any Swim England payments that is not a problem, but we will need to lapse the swimmer’s ASA and club memberships. These will both need to go through the full processing procedure before swimmers can restart their sessions when we get the go ahead to start again. 

Please be reassured, if you choose to lapse your swimming membership there will be an opportunity for all swimmers to reinstate their membership when their group returns to swimming, should they wish to. Please note however, the Swim England fee will remain the same amount, regardless of when a swimmer re-joins, it is a fixed fee for the year.

Should you have any queries or concerns about membership or returning to the pool please contact Clare or Julie direct by email.



Tier 4 – no swimming

Today’s Government announcement that we are to go into Tier 4 from midnight tonight sadly means we have to delay our plans once again for returning to the pool. The planned 10th January return for the main pool will now not happen, the small pool return was being discussed with March under consideration, this is now unlikely but it will be reviewed when the tier level changes, along with the main pool return.

As parents we know you will have enough to consider and do around schooling etc. but can we please ask that any payment arrangements you have put in place following receipt of our recent letters and forms, be cancelled. When we can return to the pool, we will let you know the revised plans and ask for payment arrangements to be reinstated etc.

This is not how we wanted to start 2021 but sadly it is not surprise given the recent Covid figures.

Please follow all the guidelines and stay safe and healthy.




2020 has been difficult for everyone, and for organisations such as ours reliant not only on the availability of hired facilities but also on our volunteers who have had to take on board the specialist workload associated with the difficult Government and Swim England Covid measures, it has been, and continues to be, a challenge.

Sadly, when we came out of Lockdown 1 we were not allowed access to the small pool, and being in Tier 3 at the moment, we feel we are unable to bring back the small pool sessions because of the restrictions that are placed on us by the Leisure Centre – numbers in the water and teaching from the side, the number of teachers available to take sessions, along with the detailed risk assessments needed and the Covid measures we would need to put in place.

I would like to assure you that regardless of what tier we are in, over the next few weeks we are going to work hard to get into a position to return the small pool as soon as we can in 2021, possibly March.

Thank you to those who have sent positive messages to us and thank you to all our small pool families for your patience, fingers crossed, it will not be long before we are back together.

Stay safe and have a Happy Christmas and New Year


Update on return to swim

Good News!

Hi Everyone, hope you are keeping safe and well.

We are putting plans in place to return to the pool in January – our target is from Sunday 10th subject to no negative change in the Government guidelines before then.

Letters are being sent out next week to provide more information on session times and payment details.

Can we please ask that you read these and then return the forms requested in the envelope provided and to then also ensure you set up the necessary bank payments as noted in the letter.

As before, I am sorry, but without payments having been made we cannot allow you into the pool.

Stay safe and have a Happy Christmas and New Year