Annual General Meeting 2021

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Gainsborough Dolphins Swimming Club is to be held on

10th December 2021, commencing at 7.30pm in the Leisure Function Room (aka – Dance studio).

We invite all parents/guardians of members (swimmers) and swimmers aged 16+ years to attend.

As part of the AGM process, nominations have to be sought for ALL the Management Team positions outlined below so we therefore invite nominations for any of the roles below.

This year the position of Chair is open and we invite nominations for that position and any other position persons may be interested in.

The club is run solely by volunteers, the Management Team, the Teachers/Coaches and ‘Staff’ all give their time freely so we ask that you please support us.


As per AGM rules we invite nominations for the following roles
Position Current Holder
CHAIR Nigel Stevenson
SECRETARY Julie Wilson
FINANCE MANAGER Julie Richardson

** CWO – is not a ’full time’ position on the Team, attendance at meetings is on a ‘as required’ basis

Nominations can be made via email and must be sent to

Nigel Stevenson (email – by Tuesday 7th December 2021.

All nominations for Management Team positions must have the agreement of the PROPOSER and the NOMINEE, who must all be either a club member aged 16 years or over or the parent / guardian of a younger member of the Club.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Management Team and put forward to the AGM for acceptance.

Thank you

The Management Team

Small Pool Swimmers – Update 1

We have just started the process for getting small pool groups C, D and E back into the water for the beginning of July.
We have sent emails to parents of all Tadpole C, D and E swimmers with details of next steps. If you haven’t received the email but think you should have, please check your junk folder and if it’s not there please contact Clare Noble at asap as deadlines are tight and spaces are limited.
We don’t as yet have a date for the return of Tadpole A and B swimmers.
Thank you
GDSC Management Team

Main Pool Swimmers – Update 3

We are on the final step towards swimmers returning to the main pool from 1st June.

Yesterday (May 10th) letters were posted out to all main pool swimmers who have paid their Swim England registration fees. The letter contains information about allocated swim sessions and fees to be paid along with a declaration form which needs signing and returning in the SAE.

We have also included information about our new club software – Club Organiser – which we will be using to manage members payments via direct debit. We will be sending emails with Club Organiser account activation details on Saturday 15th May. Once activated we need swimmers to set up a direct debit mandate through the Club Organiser account by 22nd May at the latest. This is a deadline that cannot be extended if a swimmer wishes to return at the beginning of June.

If you have any questions or difficulties with the direct debit set up please contact Julie Richardson:
mobile: 07541 063980

If you have any questions or difficulties accessing your Club Organiser account please contact Clare Noble:
mobile: 07541 098310

Main Pool Swimmers – Update 2

We are on step 2 of the plans for returning to swimming for main pool swimmers. Emails have been sent to returning main pool swimmers who had chosen not to pay their ASA fees in January. The email contains information about payment details. The deadline for ASA fees payment is Monday 19th April.
If haven’t already paid ASA fees for this year and you have not received an email, please contact either or asap.
Thank you

Return to Swimming Update 1

The Government roadmap could allow WLDC to open the pool again from 12th April.

The work the club now needs to do for us to get back into the water is detailed and takes time. The process has already started but because of the steps we have to take, and the Bank Holidays etc., the target date for starting up again is Tuesday 1st June for the Main Pool and 5th July 2021 provisionally for the Small Pool.

We need to make sure all swimmers are registered with the ASA, confirm all contact information is correct and notify swimmers/parents what Club fees to pay and when to start paying. Plus the necessary Covid forms will need signing and returning

Se therefore we need all swimmers to confirm to us that that they wish to restart their membership again and want to return to the pool as soon as we can make that happen.

Please send an email to before 4th April 2021 confirming the following information – this will allow us to go to the next step in the process.

  1. Swimmer’s name
  2. GD unique membership No.
  3. Parent’s name
  4. Current postal address
  5. Current contact phone number

This information is key to the successful return to the water; without knowledge of the number wanting to come back we cannot plan effectively.

Please circulate this amongst people you know who may not see GD postings – help us please, spread the word

FYI – Covid risk assessments/policies are available within the Covid 19 drop down menu.

For your advanced information –

We are looking at the possibility of swimming straight through the summer with no shutdown as would normally happen – this will be confirmed after further review with the teacher/coaches.

Mark Smith is also intending to post on the website some basic swim sets that swimmers could do in a public swim until the club get back up and running.