Club Championships

Club Championships, affectionately known as The Club Champs

The Club Champs are an opportunity for all swimmers to compete, with races for small pool and width swimmers to the top squad swimmers and the Masters.

We have 5 planned through the year with the first being held on 13th May 2017.

Any swimmer can enter as long as they are the correct age for the event – the swimmer must be that age at the end of the year – 31st December 2017.

The idea is for the younger swimmer to gain competitive experience in a familiar, friendly environment encouraging them to then enter Open Meets and to be available for Galas, gaining a time here helps Mark select the League Squads, and for older, experienced swimmers to gain or improve times.
Swimmers compete against other swimmers of a similar age and ability and whilst swimming to get a time, you are swimming to win.
There are medals for the first three places with trophies for winners presented on the night to the younger age groups.

We would like all of you to enter as it is an important part of your development and helps the club assess progress and our teaching and training programme.

Events are £1 per race, the top squad swimmers getting one free race paid for in their fees.

All details are on the entry form which for Club Champs 1 is available to download and print from the website or pick up a hard copy from the GD desk. Complete the form and hand it in to the GD desk with the appropriate money as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please see Mark, Nigel or your squad teacher/coach.

Management Team

2017 Club Championships 1