Covid-19 Session Method Statement

Version : 1




Held for review




Session briefing

Lead coach will provide a session briefing before each session, going over rules for session such as social distancing, lane etiquette etc. see full rules list.





Entry to pool

Squad is to be called from muster point by lead coach and directed to a specific lane, swimmers to enter one by one and maintain 2m gap





Start of a set

A minimum of a 5 second gap is to be left between swimmers (2-5m). Coach is to set younger swimmers off, more experienced swimmers will use the clock.





During the set

5 second gap must be maintained during the set, swimmers may overtake providing there is enough room and 2m distance can be maintained. No stopping during the set, no toilet break to be requested during the set unless exceptional circumstances.





Finishing a set

When a swimmer finishes a set, they will finish at the wall and then move around the lane to allow other swimmers to finish.  2m distance must be maintained whilst moving out of the way, especially for backstroke, as the swimmer will not be able to see wall.





End of the session

At the end of the session, debrief of the session in the pool, then remind swimmers to stay in water until called out.





Exiting the pool

Lead coach will call out a pod, swimmers in that pod may leave the pool one at a time, collect their belongings and head to the same numbered changing area. Once everyone from the first muster point is in the changing rooms, repeat this step for muster point 2 and 3.





Changing rooms

See “Venue Method Statement” for full details