Covid-19 Venue Method Statement

Version : 1




Held for review




Arrival at venue

Swimmers are to enter the main entrance and form 3 queues at the glass fire exit to poolside, maintaining social distancing.






A register will be called of the swimmers in the current session, providing their declaration has been returned and participants are symptom free.





Entry to poolside

Once registered, swimmers will enter poolside via the fire exit located at the teaching pool. There will be a table with hand sanitiser to be used whilst entering.





Move to muster point

Each squad will have a muster point around the poolside, this is the area where swimmers must wait until they are instructed to enter the pool. Swimmers will walk to this area after entering poolside.





Changing for swimming

Swimmers must come with costumes/shorts under their clothes. Whilst in muster point, swimmer can remove over clothes and store in their bags. All personal items will be kept in their own bags at the muster point, under bench or out of the way. No sitting on the benches.





Entry to the pool

Each squad will be assigned a double lane. Squads will be called one at a time to enter one of the three double lanes





Session begins

See separate Swimming RA and MS for full details





Session ends

At the end of the session, one squad at a time will leave the water collect their bags from muster point and walk to their designated changing area. Each squad is to have a designated changing area. 1st area by the door to reception, 2nd by lockers to the right of the cleaning cupboard 3rd area is the block by the showers. Showers will not be in use.





Exiting changing rooms

After changing, swimmers may leave the changing rooms after a maximum of 15 mins and enter the reception area of the LC.





Exiting the LC

Before leaving, swimmers must use the hand sanitiser located on the table near the Café fire exit. Swimmers will then exit through the main entrance if the main gate is open.





Parent collection

Parents may collect swimmers from the front area of the LC maintaining social distancing