Rotherham Metro A & B Grade Open Meet – Results

Gainsborough Dolphins attended the Rotherham Metro A and B grade open meet at Ponds Forge over the weekend  of the 20th /21st July coming out of it with great success. Medals attained were as follows.

James Smith Silver 100m I M A grade


David Trickett Bronze 100m I M A grade


Brandon Smith Bronze 200m Freestyle A grade


Lydia Smith Gold 100m Backstroke A grade


Lucy Hame Bronze 100m Backstroke B grade


Aarron Smith Bronze 100m Butterfly A grade


Lydia Smith Silver 50m Butterfly B grade


Emily Neal Bronze 50m Butterfly B grade


Brandon Smith Bronze 50m Breaststroke A grade


Brandon Smith Gold 200m Backstroke A grade


Lucy Hame Gold 200m Butterfly A grade


David Trickett Speed 100m Breaststroke A grade


James Smith Gold 100m Breaststroke A grade


Aarron Smith Silver 50m Butterfly A grade


Lydia Smith Gold 50m Backstroke A grade


Lucy Hame Silver 50m Backstroke B grade


Lydia Smith Bronze 200m Backstroke A grade


Reuben Gidlow Gold 100m Freestyle B grade


Brandon Smith Silver 50m Backstroke A grade


Reuben Gidlow Silver 50m Backstroke A grade


Aarron Smith Silver 50m Backstroke A grade


David Trickett Silver 200m I M A grade


Emily Neal Silver 200m Freestyle B grade


Brandon Smith Gold 50m Freestyle A grade


David Trickett Bronze 50m Freestyle A grade



Also swimming on the day, putting in some great performances to achieve personal best times in some events were:
Lottie Parkinson, Ethan Burton, Tonicha Watson, Chloe Huddart, Harriett Webster, Jack Boulton, and Sophie Hame. 

Please look on the notice boards for further events or see Chris Webster or poolside coaches to enquire about them and see if they think your child will be able to do them.

The club would like to take substantial numbers to open meets in the future to improve the clubs reputation within the Midlands area and give swimmers the opportunity to gain county, midland and national times.

Well done!

Well done to all the swimmers who swam at Grimsby in the Junior League on 22nd June. You all did very well and a great team effort resulting in us coming 2nd place. There were lots of tremendous individual successes, but most of all I was really proud how everyone encouraged each other and worked together as a team. And a big thank you to all the coaches and helpers who assisted on the day of the race

Thanks Chris

County Workshop 15th June 10-12years

Please find attached information for the 2nd County workshop
being held on the 15th June, again at Repton.
This workshop will be aimed at 10 -12 year olds with County times.
As before each club coach is to invite 6 swimmers, we have a total of 48
spaces if any club is not able to confirm 6 then these spaces will be
offered to other clubs to ensure all 48 spaces are filled.

Please let me know ASAP so I can collate a list of swimmers wishing to swim and pass onto the Lincs County.

County Workshop 15th June Invite

15th June Camp Timetable

Swim Day Consent Form