Please see below for the decision made by the Lincs ASA County Exec following the recent British Swimming announcement in September regarding the introduction of the ‘Age as at 31st December’ for championship meets :

After a great deal of research, consultation and gathering opinions from members of the Lincs ASA County Champs Sub-Committee members and head coaches of the clubs, regarding the details released in the Swimming Pathway document circulated to all, a decision has been reached by a majority, to keep the 2015 Counties exactly as they are published and have it as age as at last date of competition still, keeping the 9 year olds in the programme and leaving the programme of events as it stands.

The Pathways document states that “Counties are requested to implement the recommendations in 2015, if possible and should make preparations for full implementation in 2016”.

We have not taken this decision not to implement age as at December 31st and the new programme of events for 2015, lightly. All opinions have been taken on board and a majority decision put forward.

At the end of the day, our main concern within Lincs ASA, was to not DISADVANTAGE our youngest swimmers, many of whom have striven really hard since May 1st 2014, to obtain their first main goal in swimming – to get a “County Qualifying Time”. For them to then find that the “Age as at 31st December” date had been implemented and meant that they have not achieved this goal after all, was not something we feel would be best for the swimmers confidence/morale! At the end of the day, we are here for the swimmers and it is the last chance 9 year olds will have to be able to swim in such an event and we don’t feel a change in 2015 is advantageous to these young swimmers.

Also, timescales for pool bookings etc have to be accounted for and if we implement the “Finals”, more time will be required to run the gala’s and pool arrangements and bookings have already been made and costing’s agreed.

I know some of you wanted to change the “Age as at date” and some others wanted changes to the programme made, but after discussions a plenty, including at Regional Meetings/Boards etc, this is what has been decided by majority.

ALL the Pathways Document changes WILL be implemented for 2016 and we will keep everyone informed as best we can throughout this changing time!