I am pleased to announce that Mark ‘Banger’ Smith will be taking up the role of Swim Manager from 1st February 2016.

Mark is taking up the position on an un-paid, voluntary basis and the club thanks him for this.

I have covered the role over the last year with the support of Mark and now with the support of myself, the senior teachers/coaches and Management Team, Mark will take on full responsibility for the teaching/coaching of swimming within the club including the small pool, main pool teaching, competitive coaching and the Masters, and will retain responsibility with Mark Smith for the club champs.

Mark has been associated with the club for a number of years and he shares the club ethos “All striving to achieve our swimming potential”. He intends to be hands on, teaching and coaching when his work shift pattern allows and will continue with the review of the squads started last year by the Management Team. He has put forward further plans to enhance the teaching groups as well as coaching of the competitive swimmers such as set session plans to allow consistency and continuity of coaching along with a regular Parent Forum.

Mark has a good knowledge of the swimming world and this combined with his enthusiasm and support of myself and all teachers and coaches means, the Management Team believe, he will continue the excellent work of the last 4 years and take the club forward in both the teaching and competitive aspects of our swimming.

Nigel Stevenson

Chair GDSC