Gainsborough Dolphins SC Club Championships – 26.06.11

THE West Lindsey Leisure Centre was the venue for the eagerly anticipated first round of in-house club championships held by Gainsborough Dolphins Swimming Club. A packed house witnessed the new look championships following the end of the former three swimming clubs in the town at the close of last year. The programme on the evening contained all the old records set under the previous clubs as a reminder of their history meaning all winning times set on the night became the new bench mark for the future years. Special mention to all the club committee who worked tirelessly to ensure that all the new groups and categories were catered for including all the non-competitive and competitive swimmers. Full results: Boys 50m Backstroke: Group 2 (Goldfish, Penguins and Sea Lions) – 9yrs 1st Ethan Burton, 2nd Declan Woodhead; 10yrs 1st Toby Sutherland; 11yrs 1st Jacob Sutherland; 12yrs 1st Regan Johnson; Group 2 (Swordfish, Piranhas, Sharks and Masters) – 10yrs 1st James Beresford, 2nd Ben Crookes; 11yrs 1st Ewan McKay, 2nd William Walmsley, 3rd Lawrence Hepton; 12yrs 1st Aidan Clover, 2nd Cammron Bower, 3rd Zaki Thomas; 13yrs 1st Aarron Smith 2nd Henry Cawte; 14yrs 1st Jack Boulton; 15yrs 1st Kieran Ferry; 16/24yrs 1st James Smith, 2nd Peter Trickett, 3rd David Trickett; 25/Over 1st Nic Clover; Girls 50m Freestyle: Group 2  (Goldfish, Penguins and Sea Lions) – 9yrs 1st Jessica Gale, 2nd Ryley Johnson; 10yrs 1st Charlotte Hubble-Simpson, 15yrs 1st Georgina Hubble-Simpson;  Group 2 (Swordfish, Piranhas, Sharks and Masters) – 9yrs 1st Chloe Huddart, 2nd Harriet Webster, 3rd Lydia Smith; 10yrs 1st Molly Creed, 2nd Shannon Conway, 3rd Katie Bindon; 11yrs 1st Hollie Watkins, 2nd Lydia Waring, 3rd Lily Blades; 12yrs 1st Loveday Beresford, 2nd Charlotte Smith, 3rd Zahrah Thomas; 13yrs 1st Georgia McKay; 15yrs 1st Tonicha Watson, 2nd Lauren Zaitschenko;  16/24yrs 1st Robyn Dand, 2nd Emily Wright, 3rd Sophie Blades; 25/Over  1st Ruth Howitt, 2nd Rachel Haldenby; Boys Half Length (small pool members) – 1st Thomas Edwards, 2nd George Blackbourn, 3rd Zac Hill; Boys Half Length (widths) – 1st Owen Ramsden, 2nd Liam Thornton, 3rd Simon Papworth; Girls Half Length (small pool members) – 1st Ellise Rymer, 2nd Lauren Douce, 3rd Poppy Littlewood; Girls Half Length (widths) – 1st Abbie Edwards, 2nd Grace Warwick, 3rd Carly Conran; Boys 100m Breaststroke – 11yrs 1st Ewan McKay, 2nd William Walmsley, 3rd Lawrence Hepton; 12yrs 1st Cammron Bower, 2nd Regan Johnson, 3rd George Tooke; 13yrs 1st Henry Cawte, 2nd Aarron Smith; 14yrs 1st Jack Boulton; 15yrs 1st Kieran Ferry; 16/24yrs 1st David Trickett, 2nd James Smith, 3rd Peter Trickett;  25/Over 1st Nic Clover; Girls 100m Backstroke – 11yrs 1st Lydia Waring, 2nd Lily Blades, 3rd Hollie Watkins; 12yrs 1st Loveday Beresford, 2nd Charlotte Smith; 13yrs 1st Georgia McKay; 15yrs 1st Tonicha Watson, 2nd Lauren Zaitschenko; 16/24yrs 1st Robyn Dand, 2nd Katie Blades, 3rd Hollie Blades; 25/Over 1st Ruth Howitt; Boys 25m backstroke – 7/Under 1st Brandon Smith, 2nd Saul Bayne; 8yrs 1st Ben Haldenby, 2nd Morgan Stamp, 3rd Nathan Woodhead; Girls 25m Backstroke – 7/Under 1st Emma Jackson, 2nd Georgia Walmsley, 3rd Aimee Clover; 8yrs 1st Nicole Bindon, 2nd Hollie Wilson; Boys 200m Freestyle – 9-11yrs 1st Ewan McKay, 2nd William Walmsley, 3rd James Beresford; Mens 200m Freestyle – 1st James Smith, 2nd David Trickett, 3rd Peter Trickett; Girls 9-11yrs 200m Breaststroke – 1st Lydia Waring, 2nd Chloe Huddart, 3rd Grace Tooke; Ladies 200m Breaststroke – 1st Emily Wright, 2nd Tonicha Watson, 3rd Loveday Beresford. The Club would like to thank all the swimmers for their efforts, volunteers for their help and time and spectators for creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Lincolnshire Masters – East Midland Inter Counties

A HEAVILY depleted Lincolnshire squad recently travelled to the Queens Leisure Centre at Derby for the East Midlands Inter County Masters Competition. Containing four representatives selected from Gainsborough Dolphins they placed fifth against a high standard of swimmers from Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire (A and B teams) and Leicestershire.  With many of the county swimmers missing it meant a heavy work load for those in attendance forcing as many as nine races each over the hour and a half of competition.  Fresh from her honeymoon in the Caribbean was Ruth Howitt and despite having not trained for over a month put in some very good performances to finish fifth in both the 50m breaststroke and backstroke events of the Ladies 18-30 years age group. The many absentees resulted in Dolphins Masters team manager Nic Clover and club mate James Lugg being the only male representatives in the 30-39 years age group. James swam an excellent 50m freestyle finishing fifth in a very close finish whilst Nic gained a fourth in the 50m breaststroke and two fifth place finishes in his less than favourite 50m butterfly and backstroke events. Making his debut for Lincolnshire in the Masters was 18 year old Peter Trickett who produced a fine swim to place fourth in the Mens 18-30 years 50m backstroke as he was also involved in a tight finish between second and fifth places. All four contributed to many relay events alongside their fellow county teammates with them all putting in creditable displays. Further congratulations to Ruth and Peter who were presented with their Lincolnshire county colours by the President of Derbyshire ASA prior to the first race of the afternoon.   The formation of the new swimming club in the town has allowed the Masters section to have its own identity and water time away from the main competitive squads. With two categories available for competitive and fitness the sessions are organised and friendly with achievable schedules allowing for personal development at each member’s own pace. Any ex-swimmers who fancy getting back in and reliving their youth or anyone who wishes to attend to improve their fitness are more than welcome. For more information please visit the Club website – or contact Nic Clover 07519520021 or email

Vacancy – Swimming Club Finance Manager

There is currently a vacancy within the Swimming Club for a Finance Manager.
Julie, our current Finance Manager, who has taken the club through the difficult set up period putting the necessary procedures in place to ensure a ‘big business’ like our club can function and control its finances, is to stand down due to an increase in her business and outside commitments.
Julie has done a fantastic job in getting us to where we are and will assist in providing all the necessary training for her replacement.
A brief resume of the job is in the attached PDF file – further details can be made available and any questions answered via an email enquiry to
Nigel Stevenson

Midland Age Group Championships – June 2011

COMPETING recently over two consecutive weekends saw 12 year old Henry Cawte represent Gainsborough Dolphins at the Midland Age Group Championships in the 50m pool at Coventry. With qualifying times for this event becoming increasingly tough the Kexby based swimmer was the only representative to enter for Dolphins against the fastest swimmers from across the Midland region. Qualifying for seven events Henry opted not to compete in the 100m freestyle and 100m backstroke, allowing him to concentrate on achieving success in his favourite breaststroke events. In both the 100m and 200m breaststroke he qualified for the final after placing eighth and seventh respectively after the heats. The 200m saw him finish in eighth place where only tenths of a second separated him from a fifth place in a very close finish. His time was just outside his personal best as it was in the 100m where he bettered his position to finish seventh in the final out of the much detested lane 8. Henry had started his campaign in the 400m freestyle and was again just outside his life time best as he finished 14th overall after being seeded 20th. Unfortunately for Henry his 200m Individual Medley came hot on the heels of his 200m breaststroke final and despite a brave effort he was unable to produce a new personal best as he finished 20th. Luck deserted the youngster again in his final event as the dreaded lane 8 was drawn for him in the 200m freestyle. Following a very good first 100m he tired slightly to finish 30th overall out of a field of 38. Unfortunately for current Lincolnshire champion he also missed out on qualifying for the National Age Group Championships in August by tenths of seconds in both the breaststroke events.  For more information on the Club please visit


Congratulations and well done to those, who over the Half Term holiday, took and passed their ASA UKCC Level 1 Award – Teaching Aquatics (QCF).Megan Stevenson, Leanne Clover, Malcolm Beresford, Nic Clover, Tony Bindon and Mark Smith are all now qualified Swim Teachers and we welcome them into our excellent team of Swim Teachers and look forward to seeing them in and around the pool. Well done all of you.

Nigel Stevenson