**7th March 2020** Scunthorpe

Sadly we have had to withdraw from this gala on the grounds of not being able to provide a full squad for the event.

This is very disappointing from a Club perspective, and very embarrassing for Mark and I as we are two of the louder voices in the County asking for the Diddy League to be run to give all kids a chance at gala swimming, and for there to be 3 gala’s, us not attending makes our voice weaker in future meetings.

We could only field 3 of the girls age groups and no boys age groups, this is despite a gala list being posted on both the notice board and FB since January.

We cannot afford for this to happen again for the next gala – 13th June @ Louthwe need swimmers from Penguins upwards to be available for the gala – we will do all we can to get a team together, putting the list on notice boards, the website and FB, asking a parent of each swimmer closer to the event – we need the support of parents – put the date in your diary, keep it free, please!!

Nigel – Chair