Annual General Meeting

14th December 2018


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Gainsborough Dolphins Swimming Club is to be held on 14TH December 2018, commencing at 7.30pm in the Leisure Function Room.

We invite all parents/guardians of members (swimmers) and swimmers aged 16+ years to attend.

The club is run solely by volunteers, the Management Team, the Teachers/Coaches and Desk Staff all give their time freely.

As part of the AGM process, although most positions on the Management Team have a person currently ‘in position’ who is willing to continue in that position, nominations have to be sought for ALL the Management Team positions outlined below.

We do have a known vacancy that requires nominations – Work Force Co-ordinator which is currently being advertised.

Therefore we would like to encourage parents/guardians to join the hard working team of volunteers who help the club to run smoothly, and invite nominations for any of the roles below. If you are interested in supporting the club in this way and would like further information about what is involved please take a look at the job descriptions (available on the desk), or speak Nigel Stevenson, Chair of the Management Team.

We do also need extra help outside of the Management Team.

Club Championships need many volunteers to allow them to run efficiently and if licensed, legally.

Many of our current group of volunteers do not now have children swimming and the group is growing ever smaller because of this. Therefore we need new people to come in and if not already qualified, train to be timekeepers, judges, referee’s and starters – all key functions for club champs and league gala’s. The club support the training with mentors etc. and offer assistance with course fee’s etc.

So please if you feel you can support not only your child but all those in the club by taking on one of these roles please speak with Mark Smith or myself, Nigel Stevenson

We also need people who have a spare hour or two now and again who can collate information, do a bit of form filling etc. do desk work at club champs etc..

If interested could you please leave your details with the desk please.



As per AGM rules we invite nominations for the following roles



Current Holder



Nigel Stevenson



Alison Thorold



Julie Richardson



Clare Noble



Mark Smith



Mark Smith






Debbie Scarf



Garry Noble



Paula Osborne



** This is not a ’full time’ position on the Team, attendance at meetings is on a ‘as required’ basis

Nominations (slip available from the desk / website) must be posted in the box at the desk no later than Wednesday 12th December 2018.  All nominations for Management Team positions must have the signature of the PROPOSER and the NOMINEE, who must all be either a club member aged 16 years or over or the parent / guardian of a younger member of the Club.


Nominations will be reviewed by the Management Team and put forward to the AGM for acceptance.

Should there be 2 or more nominees for a position on the Management Team then a vote will be held on the evening of the AGM.


Thank you           Nigel Stevenson (Chair)